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  • Dr. Prashant Tripathi
  • Lecturer
  • Department of ENT
  • Academic Achievements
    • MS (ORL-HN Surgery) Maharajgunj Medical Campus, IOM 2014
  • Publications
      1. Tripathi P, Gurung U, Shrestha A. Audit on elective surgery waiting list in the department of ENT-Head and Neck Surgery in a tertiary care center. JIOM. 2018; 40(2):3-8.
      2. Gurung U, Tamang N, Tripathi P. Nasolabial cyst: Clinical presentation and surgical outcome of 14 cases with literature review. 2017; 39(3):12-15.
      3. Kasaudhan D, Tripathi P, Acharya K. Thyroglobulin-elevation negative Iodine Scintigraphy (TENIS) Syndrome in differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: A rare entity. Nepalese Journal of ENT Head & Neck surgery. 7 (2); 2016:20-22.
      4. Tripathi P, Guragain RP, Bhusal CL, Karna SL, Borgstein J. A comparison of two myringoplasty techniques in Nepalese children : A prospective randomized trial. International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology. 2015; 79:1556-1560.
      5. Tripathi P. Correlation between preoperative hearing evaluation with intraoperative ossicular status in COM Mucoal. Nepalese Journal of ENT Head & Neck surgery. 5 (2); 2014, 15-17.
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