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  • Dr. Bigyan Raj Gyawali
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Academic Achievements
    • MBBS
    • MS
  • Publications/ Accepted Papers
    1. Dangol, K.,Gyawali, B.R. A Rare Case Report of Intranasal Craniopharyngioma. Nepalese Journal of ENT-Head & Neck surgery.2014; 5(2):21-22.
    2. Gyawali BR,Rayamajhi P. Osteomyelitis of temporal bone: A case report of a rare disease. Indian J Otol2018;24:114-6.
    3. Gyawali, B.R. and Pradhananga, R.B: Effectiveness of Pulse Methylprednisolone in treating sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss ( Recently accepted in Nepalese Journal of ENT-Head & Neck surgery )
    4. Gyawali, B.R. and Pradhan, B. SphenoidalMucopyocele with Visual Impairment : Case report of a rare disease and literature review.2018; Vol 1: 57-59.
    5. Gyawali, B.R. A rare presentation of Riga Fede disease in an adult : A Case report and literature review.( Recently accepted in Nepalese Journal of ENT-Head & Neck surgery )
  • Under Review
    1. Gyawali, B.R., Pradhan, B., Thapa, N., 2018: Comparison of Outcomes of Triamcinolone soaked PVA pack versus Normal Saline Soaked PVA pack following Bilateral Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
    2. Gyawali, B.R.,Dutta, H. Thyroglossal duct fistula with an unusual presentation : A rare case report.
    3. Guragain,R.,Gyawali,B.R., Dutta,H., Neuoane,Y.Establishment of Paediatric Airway Surgery Services in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital : A leap in Otorhinolaryngology in Nepal.


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