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  • Dr. Deepak Prakash Mahara
  • Professor
  • Department of Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery
  • Details
    • Life Member of Nepal Medical Association (Reg. No. 475)
    • Founder President Nepal Association of Sports Medicine (Affiliated to Asian Federation of Sports Medicine)
    • Founder Member Secretary: Sagarmatha Health Foundation, Silgadi, Doti , Nepal
    • President Nepal Orthopaedics Association (2014-2016)
    • Senate Member of Far Western University
    • Executive Director, TU Teaching Hospital (June 2014- July 2018)
  • Academic Qualification
    • S.L.C. , Tribhuvan Adarsha Secondary School, Nepal 1977 (Third in Board of SLC Examinations)
    • Certificate Level, Amrit Science Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal 1979
    •  MBBS, Andhra University, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam (A.P.) India, 1985
    • MS (Orthopaedic Surgery),Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India, 1993
  • Trainings, Workshop, Seminar & Conferences 
    • Programme in Teacher Training Workshop on Helping Student Learn Better – 8-17 January 1994 at T.U. Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    • Training in Arthroscopy Surgery – 17-31 July 1995 at Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Institute, Bombay, India.
    • Bioskill fracture workshop – 18-31 October, 1995 Organized by: Asian Association for Dynamic Osteiosynthesis at Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong, shantin N.T. Hong Kong.
    • AO BASIC COURSE- 28-30 September, 1996 – Organized by: AQ-International  Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (AO/ASIF), Calcutta, India.
    • Sports Medicine Fellowship – 5 January, 1988 to 4 July, 1988 (six months) – Singapore General Hospital, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Singapore.
    • Fellowship in elective orthopaedics and trauma approved by Australian Orthopedic Association – 2 August 1998 to 31 January, 1999 (six months) – Alfred Hospital, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
    • Clinical Rotation in Adult Reconstruction Orthopaedics Surgery – 26 October, 2002 to 22 November, 2002 – New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
    • Sports Medicine Course – 18-21 March, 2003 – Organized by: International Olympic Committee & Nepal Olympic Committee, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Publications
    1. Thesis and paper: Estimation of Tibio Femoral angle variations in Osteoarthritic, knees (written under the guidance of Prof. J. Rai), Department of Orthopedics. PGMER, Chandigarh, India (July 1991- December, 1992) Publication:- (Bult GI 1993, 27; 167-174)
    2. Supracondylar fracture of Humerus in Children, A study in TUTH- (Dr. C.B. Pradhan FRCS, Mch, D P Mahara) Head of the Department of Orthopaedics TUTH, Kathmandu, Nepal. Publication:- Journal of the Institue of Medicine 1993 (Oct-Dec) 15;338-342.
    3. Study of minimal open lumber discectomy in 2 years in the department of Orthopaedics  (Prof. LL Shah, Dr. D.P. Mahara, Dr. G.KC, Dr. B.L. Shrestha, Dr. A. Lamichhane, Dr. D. Kafle )- Post-Graduate Medical Journal of Nepal, Vol1 Number1, 15-18, April 2000.
    4. Radical debridement (Corpectomy) and tricortical bone grafting of spinal tuberculosis- (D P Mahara, Prof. L L Shah) (2053-2055)- Postgraduate Medical Journal of Nepal Vol1, Number 1, 21-24, April 2000.
    5. Intraarticular morphine for postoperative knee arthroscopy analgesia. (Mahara D P, Lamichhane A P)- Journal of Nepal Medical Association 2004; 43: 191-194.
    6. Management of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Avulsion by Cannulated Screw Fixation- (D P Mahara. A P Lamichhane)- Journal of Institute of Medicine.  2012 Dec; 34(3): 28-31
    7. Management of Intra-articular Fracture of Calcaneus by Combined Percutaneous and Minimal Internal Fixation- (D P Mahara. A P Lamichhane)- Journal of Nepal Health Research Council.  2013 Jan;11(3):70-75
    8. Primary Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of Bone Arising from Hip- (D P Mahara. A P Lamichhane)- Journal of Nepal Health Research Council,  2013 Jan;11(3):89-91
    9. Fracture Shaft of Femur in Children with Newly Designed Femoral Brace- (Mahara D P, Lamichhane A P, Acharya P,  PShrestha G C) Journal of Institute of Medicine, April, 2013; 35(1):18-22.
    10. Analgesic Effect of Intraarticular Tramadol with Morphine after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery- (H Faisal,  A P Lamichhane, D P Mahara)- NOAJ Jan-July 2013;3(1):14-18
    11. Osteoporosis Self Assessment Tool for Asian (OSTA) index in Comparison to Quantitative Ultrasound of the Calcaneal in Predicting Low Bone Density- (B Sherchan , A Lamichhane , D P Mahara) –NOAJ July-December  2013;3 (2): 19-24
    12. Osteochondroma Arising from Base of 1st Metacarpal  Bone- A case report – (D Mahara. A. Lamichhane)-  Journal of Institute of Medicine, December, 2013;35(3):67-69
    13. Accuracy of Celli Test for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear- (Thapa S S, Lamichane A P, Mahara D P)- Journal of Institute of Medicine, August, 2015, 37:2. 91-94
    14. Comparison Between Hydroplasty and Intra-articular Steroid Injection in Treatment of Idiopathic Frozen Shoulder-( Dhungana DP, Lamichhane AP, Mahara DP)- Journal of Instituteof Medicine, December, 2014;36(3):27-31.
    15. Validity of flounce sign to rule out medial meniscus tear in knee arthroscopy-( Y Gupta, DPMahara  and AP Lamichhane)- BMC Musculoskeletal  Disorders 2015 16:337;1-5
    16. McMurray’s Test and Joint Line  tenderness for Medial Meniscus Tear: Are They Accurate?-( Yogendra Gupta, Deepak Mahara, Arjun Lamichhane)- Ethiop J Health Sci. November 2016, 26: 6;567-572
    17. Prevalence of Chondral Lesion in Knee Arthroscopy. Austin J Trauma Treat-( Bikash KC, Lamichhane AP and Mahara DP)- 2016; 3(1): 1012
    18. Neglected Medial Hoffa Fracture for 9 years -A Case Report-( Thapa SS, Lamichhane A, Mahara DP)- Journal of Institute of Medicine, Aug.-Dec., 2016, 38:2-3 131-133
    19. Tuberculous pseudotumor of fibular head-( Sunil Singh Thapa, Arjun Lamichanne, Deepak Prakash Mahara)- JSSN 2015; 18 (2):29-31
    20.  Validation of Ottawa Knee rule at Tertiary Center of Nepal: A Prospective Study-( Kashyap N, ShankerA,Thapa S, Lamichhane A, Mahara DP)-International  Journal of  contemporary Surgery, February 2017, 5 :1;6-10
    21. Functional outcome of single bundle anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using either quadruple hamstring or bone patellar tendon bone graft by medial portal technique. (Thapa SS,Neupane P, Lamichhane A, Mahara DP)- Journal of Institute of Medicine, April  2018, 40:1;46-49


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