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Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to the website of T. U. Teaching Hospital. In the fast changing world, including the IT movement, we too in Teaching Hospital are planning to move forward with the latest know-how. This website is one such effort, so that anyone and eveyone could participate, know and help to develop our hospital. Any suggestion or help in any form is always welcome.

This website will give you a glimpse of our hospital and inform you on where we stand, how we work and where we want to go tomorrow. In our attempt to become user friendly, it also gives you the list of facilities, departments, investigations and doctors to help you in and around the hospital. For those who wish to visit us for whatever reason, may it be for education, observation, cure, care, I wish them all the success. Any comments or suggestions are welcome through e-mail at:



Prof Dr Prem Krishna Khadga

Executive Director

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