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The Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery department of TUTH has been actively functioning since the inception of the hospital. The main responsibilities of the department are to provide patient care services and run academic activities. This department with its highly trained manpower in all the units continues to provide its services.

Different subspecialty services are currently being provided by trained staff. Joint replacement surgery is regularly being provided. Arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, spinal surgeries and spinal instrumentation is regularly going on. Specialty pediatric orthopedics surgery and reconstructive hand surgery are regularly being performed. Operative and non-operative management of fractures & dislocations are done 24 hrs. Similarly regular emergency operations are being performed and number of emergency surgeries is increasing.

Faculty Members:

  • Dr Deepak Prakash Mahara, Professor
  • Dr Govind K.C., Professor
  • Dr Rohit Pokharel, Professor
  • Dr Arjun Lamichhane, Professor, Head of Department
  • Dr Dinesh Kafle, Professor
  • Dr Suresh Uprety, Associate Professor
  • Dr Sushil Paudel
  • Dr Sunil Singh Thapa
  • Dr Rajesh Bahadur Lakhey
  • Dr Prawesh Singh Bhandari


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