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TUTH has been providing lab services since 1984. Over the years, new improvements and facilities have been added. Currently, it is one of the best equipped and renowned labs in the country.

Faculty Members:

  • Dr Gita Sayami, Professor, Head of Department
  • Dr Ram Chandra Adhikari, Professor
  • Dr Anil Dev Pant, Associate Professor
  • Dr Abhimanyu Jha, Associate Professor
  • Dr Manodhara Bajracharya
  • Dr Anjan Shrestha
  • Dr Shovana Karki-Thapa
  • Dr Usha Manandhar
  • Dr Shreya Shrivastav
  • Mr Madan Kaji Shrestha
  • Mr Ram Chandra Subedi
  • Mr Shree Ram Sharma

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