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Department of Biochemistry has been in operation since the establishment of the TUTH in 1983 AD, and has been working to aid diagnostics and monitoring of patients procuring treatment in the hospital.

With well over five hundred samples sent to the laboratory every day, from the Out Patient Departments and In-Patient Wards the department of Biochemistry and its clinical laboratory continues to have an important role to play in the daily operation of TUTH.

Faculty Members:

  • Dr Binod Kumar Yadav, Associate Professor, Head of Department
  • Mr Jay Bind Singh
  • Mr Mahesh Kiratee
  • Dr Vijay Sharma
  • Dr Eans Tara Tuladhar
  • Mr Khelanand Prasad Singh
  • Mr Mithileshwar Raut
  • Dr Aseem Bhattarai
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