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The department of Anaesthesiology in TUTH was established in 24th February 1985. The department is fully committed for the anaesthesia services, teaching and training of students of undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral level to produce human resources for the country. The department has been equally contributing to the development of different surgical and other departments of TUTH.

The responsibilities of the department are widening to the other important aspects of medical services like critical care, acute and chronic pain management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and managemenent of emergency surgical procedures. Recently outreach service has been provided by the critical care team, where critical care opinions are provided in different wards, including emergency department regularly. Critical care team has also extended regular service in the postoperative ward where the patients are benefited with ICU care.

Faculty Members:

  • Dr Moda Nath Marhatta, Professor
  • Dr Anil Shrestha, Professor, Head of Department
  • Dr Renu Gurung, Associate Professor
  • Dr Subash Psd Acharya, Associate Professor
  • Dr Hira Khadka
  • Dr Gentle Shrestha
  • Dr Pramesh Sunder Shrestha
  • Dr Diptesh Aryal
  • Dr Bigen Man Shakya
  • Dr Ninadini Shrestha
  • Dr Amit Bhattarai
  • Dr Megha Koirala
  • Dr Navindra Raj Bista
  • Dr Bashu Dev Parajuli
  • Dr Pradip Tiwari
  • Dr Pankoj Joshi
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